Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meet Our Apartment

We have lived in handfuls of rentals by now.
 The first was the summer after we graduated high school. I'll never forget that house for it holds some of my most precious memories with Ryan and our relationship. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about them. Sleeping in until 4 in the afternoon, filling the house too it's capacity with friends and family, never having a bed to sleep on, lounging on the back porch with the bamboo discovering each other, and the golf course down the street. 
After that it was Baycove, it was the largest apartment I've ever seen and we lived with his four brothers and his sister and all three of her kids. It was a full house, and we finally got a bedroom of our very own!
Packing up the moving truck again (or should I say bread trucks) and we arrived at Park Place. A three bedroom now, and living with his same two brothers. Living with roommates can be exhausting. Agreeing on anything was a timeless battle most of the time. We tried to spruce up the apartment as much as possible, but it was a lost cause. So instead we decked our little bedroom and turned it into a studio bedroom, mini fridge included.
It was June of 2012 when we moved out on our own together. Park place had the cheapest apartments in the area so we packed all our stuff and moved into a 800 foot one bedroom apartment. The apartments are old and they need a lot of work, but we made do with what we had on love and creativity. That's another home that I will never forget. In fact, all of these places I call home. Anywhere is home when I spent it with Ryan. The memories are glued to the walls and in our case, carved into the bathroom drawer. 
When I found out I was pregnant I wanted Lola to have her own bedroom, and I wanted more space. So trusty ol' park place gave us some good deals on a two bedroom two bathroom apartment. So a month before she was born we moved into our home sweet home. This has got to be one of my favorite apartments so far. It's extremely spacious and it was like an open canvas for us to decorate. We have accumulated so much stuff over all this time, from thrift stores, garage sales, and ikea adventures. All of it, along with paintings I've hand painted and photographs, is scattered throughout. I believe color is such an important aspect in a home. It can really set the mood for each living space. I chose warm oranges and red for our living room and my obsession of sunflowers and leaves added in. The kitchen is a deep purple and bright green which gives me an earthy feeling everytime I cook. Lola's bedroom is one of my favorites, it's so cheerful and crisp. I became obsessed with the color Peach when I was pregnant, I hated the classic pink that people associated with baby girls. So her room turned into a fairytale of peachs, greens, turquoise and greys. Our bedroom is still in the works, I'm currently sewing new sheets for the bed and painting some things to add some color to walls. For now, I have my very own sewing station that is organized to accommodate all my sewing projects and any other crafts. Oh and of course, our mini herb garden on our window. 
Welcome to our place, take your shoes off and get comfy!

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