Friday, December 27, 2013

Sick days

I came down with the traditional Winter cold that looms from person to person each year. I was so very proud of my withstanding record of not catching a severe cold through the fall that I realized I got a little too cocky when I woke up Christmas Eve with a scratchy throat. All I have to say is that my mom is the sweetest and gave me a "sick day" yesterday, formally known as laying in the same spot all day watching the food channel and gulping down broccoli cheddar soup. She took the shoosh which really saved me more than anything and now she is over here as we speak cleaning up our entire apartment from top to bottom (and she forcefully will not let me help). I seriously have the best mom ever and I strive to be like her for Lola everyday. She truly is my best friend in this entire world.
So here's to sick days, recovering from the holidays and to moms like my very own.

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