Saturday, March 29, 2014

Feeling 22

I swear I will be restraining myself from posting about birthday cake for the next few months. Ryan's birthday marks the end of the birthday bonanzas that December-March throw at us. So this means a lot of things like our apartment will no longer have stray dollar store balloons floating aimlessly around and useless birthday hats that are just always a necessity, but still useless since they never fit our damn heads. This also means no dreamy creamy birthday cake which makes me kind of sad because birthday cake should have a phrase like "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Am I right? I will probably find myself in the kitchen baking up a cake in the next few days because I have a whole tub of frosting that is just sitting so lonely in our cabinet just going to waste even though it's shelf life is like a billion years. It's okay though, a cake WILL be made birthday or not. There will be something to celebrate like LOLA'S FIRST TOOTH.
Yep, that's right while she was vacationing it up with Grandma this past week she sprouted her first nub of a tooth and I broke down a little in Walmart when my mom called me with the news. Growing up up up and away. Just like Ryan, let's get back to Ryan here...
He hit the big 22 on Wednesday and I decided to throw him a little bash. Stephanie and I experimented with fondant for the first time. I was pretty determined to create the House Stark sigil on top of the fluffy bed of frosting on his cake. It was a mega success and I'm no longer afraid of fondant, which means very very very big things are to come for Lola's first. Well, I hope so, my mind is just brainstorming right now, but fondant WILL be involved.
 photo 4ea25f8ee4a53127d15cb491b2974b6b_zpse282cfd7.jpg  photo 94d624f2591d4ab0bdc69a84bb7d72a8_zpsd240d89a.jpg  photo ef7cdd03b26bd507529fa09c32abd8a6_zps78ab2a01.jpg Everyone came over and we migrated to GattiTown, which wasn't part of the plan at all, but why not? Why not spend his 22nd year surrounded by arcade games and pizza buffets and our best friends? We spent copious amounts of money and gambled way too much because that's what arcades are, just child versions of casinos (and way way more fun shhh).
In the end I spent my winnings on a Domo doll for Lola and a plastic kings crown because I thought it was appropriate for a Game of Thrones party. See, way better than casinos.
 photo ecb2ad119d808d325be585a26382354d_zps5872763e.jpg  photo 3b83d20b41b9fbc72e5c9779b69cd5a3_zpsb80bad4c.jpg Later on, after the majority left, we had paper airplane races which transformed into a contest to see who could build the best paper airplane (trust me we are 22). Needless to say, I think the winner had to of been the plane that was attached to a balloon that later got trapped in the tree. Which by the way, is still stuck in the brambles at this very moment, sad looking airplane and all.
The night was perfect.

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