Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Basket Stuffing

I am no expert when it comes to creating the most extravagant easter basket for a baby. There's a reason I'm not an expert, and that is because this is Lola's very first Easter. I wanted to keep things simple and not  go overboard because it's easter people not christmas. I mean when I was little all I REALLY wanted was a live bunny, that's not too much to ask for right? Well probably, but hey at least it fit in a basket. Our goal was to make sure we didn't overflow the overly cute, wicker basket that we chose. Obviously Lola is too young to have candy of any sort which is a bummer because easter candy is right up there in the ranks with halloween candy (and all you have to do is wake up and SUPRISE it's waiting on the table in a cute basket).
So here's how we conquered Lola's first Easter:
 photo 597115cbdc009b2f9e49432c36f1d9d8_zpsb1e00cb7.jpg

1. Choosing a basket:

As we were scouting the baskets, we knew we wanted an old fashioned wicker one. Now a days (wow I sound old, although I am not) the stores are stocked with these weird easter baskets that are cushioned character faces. Mildly creepy, especially because you're stuffing them with candy and whatnot. It's just weird, but apparently a hit because they are STILL selling them. The reason I like wicker baskets is because they are the perfect size, not too big and not to small. 
They also are more appealing and can be reused for something around the house AFTER the good old easter holiday has long passed. So we chose a basket that is cute, colorful and wicker wonderful.

2. What goes inside:
This is my favorite part honestly, just the idea of stuffing a bunch of random stuff in an adorable pastel basket just puts me over the moon. We stepped foot into Target and got absorbed into the one dollar section. A lot of the stuff wasn't even "Easter" related, but all of it was magical. Our cart instantly got filled with bath toys, a cushioned tiara (totally in love) and a matching princess wand. We also got some cheap plastic eggs to scatter around the bottom which are pretty much toys in themselves to a 9 month old. JUST SAY NO to easter grass, it's never worth it. 
We didn't go over the top because we didn't feel we had to. Some people like to do it that way, but keeping it small and sweet to us is the best route. We DID make a deal with the Easter bunny to leave one "semi big" gift for our hunny (Ariel's dollhouse castle thinga mabob in little people form, which you can find at Target). Our key to the basket stuffing is to keep it simple, and make sure the contents will actually fit in an Easter basket. 

And here's a peek into Lola's very first Easter morning:
 photo 6a772bcb707c55e8d72ba0375de1f8c4_zps5b29b7d1.jpg  photo 3869b327ef8f47c44cac5f51a1356fff_zpsd4f3618b.jpg  photo 5355b0b05fc88586495622c8d235ebb6_zps70101af3.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps1083f383.png  photo 4aaa1aa4432ed62d847dee0453105b76_zps0785fcbc.jpg

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