Friday, April 11, 2014

Renaissance Festival

This past weekend the usual crew and I set out for the Renaissance festival! Every year people dress up in medieval wear and take themselves back to a different time and place. A place where kings and queens ruled, things were only made by hand, and people spoke in a different way. The times now are so hustle bustle and less in the moment. People lived in the moment back then. Things came unexpectedly because there was no such thing as phones and internet to prepare them for just about anything. Although the festival is...well just a festival it still acts as a time machine for me.
I like to bring myself back into that time every once in a while to be free for a few hours and live simply.

 photo 4c22dc57a2a10be7d7768577ed12c18b_zps157556d5.jpg  photo bf6425f8e3a9fab23ba79eafdb3216cd_zps3093edfe.jpg  photo ea9a050623c817e8aecb8d3abb7f1d67_zps603fb02a.jpg  photo 80f711328f3052626e92ffbb6d2ac870_zps6a388906.jpg  photo bc008b7e3bacd67d82d552ba1e8e45df_zps1a0156e8.jpg  photo b7da6806b2cbd2ee2580af06abe9d672_zpscc9493fb.jpg
 photo 03f42bbdbf85b31e0557ded6c39bea64_zps912e7464.jpg
If only I owned an actual time machine...

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