Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco De CrunchWrap

In honor of Cinco De Mayo we chowed down on some Crunch Wrap Supreme's straight from our very own kitchen. Well, we actually chowed down last night, but that's okay because our bellies are still thanking us today for it, which means we are really thanking Mexican culture, in turn celebrating Cinco De Mayo with happy bellies. This revamped Crunch Wrap will quite possibly make you shun Taco Bell for the rest of your life...with the exception of late night food runs. Damn you Taco Bell, I'm sure we all have our own love/hate relationship with the place.
 I decided it was about time to replicate this beauty and I really really think you should too.
Grab your Sombrero and let's get started!

 photo 8e10650946c5d0fd8bd176ef9e4117cf_zps578b117d.jpg


  • Large tortillas
  • 1 pound of beef
  • Taco Seasoning
  • Tostadas (those flat hard taco shell thingies, FINALLY a use for them)
  • An abundance of cheese that reminds you of Mexico (I choose Cheddar and Monterrey jack)
  • Small block of Velveeta
  • One can of Rotel
  • Sour Cream
  • Onions
  • A few Roma Tomatoes
  • Shredded Lettuce

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps0c49249c.png  photo cb145a52507475b0c6f4cb3db1363a50_zps0c12d275.jpg  photo 35ecc47a0c1ec538638473cc385ee54e_zpsab9732de.jpg  photo aa6015e207785c51d0b2bc9171061c17_zps84994e70.jpg  photo a1a10a08e81f63e4eaffe87e677f6c4e_zps480939b7.jpg Crunch Wrapping Time:

  1. Start by slicing up your Roma tomatoes. Whenever I do anything Mexican food related I always use Roma's because they are a bit harder rather than slushy. I always take out the center of the tomato and use the outer shell of it. Just trust me here.
  2. Now get your beef browning, and follow the directions for using the wonderfully delicious taco seasoning. 
  3. While that's browning, grate your cheeses and slice up your onion and gather all the other fix ins that suit your fancy (olives, peppers, etc.) 
  4. If you have ever experienced a legit Crunch Wrap Supreme, I'm sure you are very familiar with the signature Taco Bell cheese sauce that oozes out of mostly every bite...if you're lucky. I decided that Velveeta would work it's magic here, so I made the classic rotel/velveeta cheese dip. You can also use a jar queso or cheese sauce or potentially rob Taco Bell's cheese sauce gold mine in the middle of the night. Just an option here.
  5. So make up your cheese gold of choice and get out the sour cream and shredded lettuce. Set up a Crunch Wrapping Station.
  6. Lay a large tortilla down, put some cheese down in the middle along with the cheese sauce. Slap down a tostada. 
  7. On top of the tostada smear sour cream on first and then the rest of the goodies. 
  8. You can purchase small tortillas at the store, but I'm a little cheap sometimes. I just trace the tostada on a large tortilla with a pizza cutter and cut out my small tortilla. Do whatever suits you best :)
  9. Take your small tortilla and place it on top of the small mountain of ingredients. Smush down a bit to flatten it for the folding part. This may get a bit tricky. At this point the outside large tortilla is bordering the ingredients and your small tortilla. Take one side and start folding diagonal flaps all the way around. 
  10. Butter a griddle, and slap that baby down with folds facing down. This part helps sort of press and glue the flaps down to make a nice compact Crunch Wrap. Flip it over, get a nice brown on each side and there you have it...a reason to never step foot in Taco Bell ever again.    
I'm sure you have all noticed that Taco Bell has introduced a breakfast form of the beloved crunch wrap, and I've been meaning to try it, but the thought of going to Taco Bell when the sun is rising just sounds so totally wrong...but it will happen and I will probably be replicating that shortly after. 
I mean why can't we just put everything we eat in a crunch wrap? 

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