Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lola, 1 year, 3 months

Dear Lola,

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Your cheeks and chubby legs are vanishing before my eyes. That makes me sad. I hope you at least keep some of that chub just for a little while longer. But probably not since you are basically running now. It's more of an extreme baby power walk and you usually stumble all over the place but you are doing great. I just know you are going to have hair like me.
It got cold-ish last week and your hair stayed flat against your head instead of in a curly tangle in the back. You are getting taller because I can no longer walk over you. 
You are becoming quite the explorer and absolutely love going outside and walking around in circles. Your Grandma and I brought you to the park the other day and you had more fun just parading around in your super cool shoes to care about any of the playgroud equipment. 
You are unlike any kid I've really ever seen. We have toys galore in our house for you, but you gravitate to all the book shelves and books in your room or the living room. You will sit there for quite some time and flip through pages, babble and tell us the story through and through. You even have favorite books already, you're mommy and daddy's little bookworm. You love wearing shoes now and are constantly bringing us your shoes or socks to put on, thank goodness. I thought you would want to be a bare footed monkey for the rest of your life ;) 
Within the last week you have took up a whole new form of independence in eating. We can no longer feed you anymore you decided. So you feed yourself, and...the floor...and your clothes, but you are getting better at it. You've almost mastered the spoon and the fork is tricky but you're getting there. 
The holidays are coming up and we're so eager to do all the fun holiday related things with you (aka trick or treating, mainly because we are still kids at heart...always and forever). 

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