Friday, November 15, 2013


I've always been extremely curious about people that blog. The word blog has always sounded so intriguing to me and I've had my fair share of starting blogs and never keeping up with them. I do, in fact have had a livejournal (for all you oldies out there) for over 6 years. I love my livejournal because it's my hidden corner of the internet where I dump all my thoughts.
I wanted more than that though. So here I am, starting a blog and sticking to it this time.
My name is Amanda, I'm 21 years young and a mommy of a little "shoosh" and three furry babies. I live in Florida in a cozy apartment with my favorite person in the universe and the daddy of our "shoosh," Ryan.
I came up with the name of my blog because mornings have always been my favorite time of day. The sun is waking up and gazing through the trees, coffee is brewing, the air feels still and the morning bird are chirping. After high school, I spent a good two years of my life waking up whenever I pleased. Sleeping in until the very last minute before work, or sleeping in until my eyes wouldn't stay shut anymore. Now that I'm a mommy, the choice isn't mine anymore :) and it doesn't bother me one bit. She is actually the reason I started this blog. I wanted to share with the world my own personal joys of motherhood and the craziness of it all. I wanted to share recipes for the moms and dads out there that we're looking for ways to spice up dinner time. I wanted to share my organizational tips and tricks I have hiding under my sleeves. Most of all I wanted to share a cup of coffee with my readers so they will always seek out my blog and have A Morning :')

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