Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tree Pickin'

Traditions play a very important role in our lives. Christmas traditions definitely tend to outshine most because it's just such a heart warming togetherness holiday. Getting our christmas tree at the very beginning of December is one of them. I would probably keep a tree in my house all year if it I would allow myself. That pine smell always fills my nostrils and yanks out my christmas spirit in an instant. We are very picky about our trees, they must be much much taller than my little self and they must be full but not a massive bush.
Bringing Lola along this year had to be my favorite part of  picking our tree. We even found a tree that was fit for her and we were so very tempted to get it for her because we're nuts like that.
After we get our tree we go down the street to what we like to call "The Christmas Store." It's this giant wonderland inside filled with ornaments upon ornaments and crazy decorated fake trees. The whole store twinkles with christmas bulbs and fake snow. It's a little bit of winter heaven since Florida never really "feels" like Christmas. Lola had a blast and shrieking throughout the whole store in total awe.
Every year since Ryan and I have been together we have exchanged christmas ornaments that reflect things we love and the kind of people we are. One year I got Ryan a cowboy boot and he got me Alice and Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. We get very creative. It's a traditions that I look forward to every year, especially because it helps build our memory ornament collection and makes our tree really scream us. Of course Lola is now included in this tradition so tonight we took a stroll aisle to aisle and found her favorite Sesame Street character, Abby Cadaby. We snatched it right up and it was the first ornament on the tree when we got home.

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