Friday, January 31, 2014

Post Nesting

The past week I've been analyzing our apartment and turning my nose up at some of the decoration pieces I once loved. As I go room to room I'm starting to realize how much stuff I'm truly starting to despise visually. We have so many pieces in our house that mean so much to me and the memories behind them are endless, and then there are some that are just very unnecessary and are collecting dust for no reason. So I've decided that within the next few weeks I'm going to part ways with some of this junk and get our house in gear and re organized.
We moved into this apartment a month before Lola was born. It was supposed to be a month and a half or so but my blood pressure didn't agree with that. We also battled with german roaches for the first two weeks which caused me to go through a mental meltdown because I was hormonal, crazy, and bugs were all over our stuff. It gives me the goosebumps just thinking about it. After the nasty bug problem got taken care of, that gave us two weeks to unpack and get settled before miss Lola came (unknowingly). Let's just say some things fell into the right places and slots and some didn't. And this nesting momma at the time was very unhappy, but too swollen to give a crap.
Six months later, things are still as they are, we have definitely decorated and it feels like home. It's just the organization isn't there, and I kind of feel like I'm going through another form of nesting, since I never really got to before she was born. Lola will be crawling around this house soon, so on my journey to re organize, I'm also going to be baby proofing. Yay for new milestones ahead! (Aka getting into anything and everything possible)
I'm going to chop it up, with a room a week. And within the next month-ish I should be fully nested and cozy and definitely will be giving any tips and tricks that are up my sleeve. Also pictures that may even inspire you to sneak a look around and realize things need a little rearranging.

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I've also been reading "Happier at Home," by Gretchen Rubin. I just finished the chapter on simplicity and that's what kind of inspired me to take a second glance at some of the un needed junk in my life. If I simplify the way we live than not only will I be visually at ease I will also be mentally at ease. Her other book "The Happiness Project," is also a form of inspiration and is just amazing if you need a helping hand in organization altogether. You should definitely check both of these books out, her books give the word "organize" a different meaning.

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