Monday, February 10, 2014

Four years

Today marks four whole years of love with Ryan. I think we both knew from the beginning that this was going to be a forever type thing. Even through everything we have been through, all the roads we have traveled...we knew. I fall in love more and more everyday with our past, present and future together. This year has begun a new chapter in our lives and has changed us and tugged us in so many different directions. I'm glad to say that we never actually needed a map to direct us where to go we just needed each other and the breeze and the sun to guide us.
This time last year I was just starting to bump out of my normal everyday clothing. The little one inside me was getting cozy and I was getting more and more uncomfortable. This is where Ryan came to the rescue. All the late night water calls, getting dessert after every meal (because it was the most important meal of the day), and massaging my tree trunk feet so I could feel them again. Oh, and not to mention shaving my legs because that was pretty impossible. He did it all, you name it. Especially putting up with my hormonal self. He has been my mountain to lean on this entire year.
Then we discovered the adventures of new parenthood. As I lay in my hospital bed, Ryan tended to Lola (cleaning up tar poop diapers, rapping to her when she was crying, going to the lobby and watching Cartoon Network with her while I got rest). I left the hospital in a tizzy with baby blues and worries, but you were there in the drivers seat telling me it was all going to be okay. And you've always been so sure, so I trusted you.
7 months later here we are. Parents and really freaking good ones at that. Time together is now spent with our daughter and our best friend, which may mean watching sprout hours on end and finding fun ways to play with her baby toys, but it's a blast. And then the minute she lays her head down at night, it's time for hgtv and food network marathons or whatever crazy stuff we can come up with.
This year with you has been monumentous. Every year has been, but this one takes the cake. Our relationship was tested and taken to another level. I love this chapter and all the ones before, but what I'm most excited for are the chapters to come.
Happy four years my breezy. I love you.

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