Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Horses and Downtown Tampa

Every year around our anniversary we always go on some sort of new adventure that we wouldn't normally do on a regular day. The first year we attended the Florida state fair and I shrieked on pretty much every ride with joy and we ate tons of fried everything. The second year was the year that Harry Potter world had been built at Universal and Island of Adventure so it was a must that we cheers to two years together with butter beer. Not to mention everything else the parks have to offer. We were in heaven, amusements parks = heaven. We also went to the annual Rennaisance festival and lived in the medieval times for a day (this was the day that a magician sawed me in half on stage...yes I was frantic). And then there was last year, the third year. We spent the day gazing at underwater friends at the Florida Aquarium and they had the freaking best chili cheese fries ever invented (yes I was pregnant, but they were amazing).
We look forward to these adventures every year, because our lives are already super crazy and adventurous as it is, but it's nice to just get away from it all and discover something new. This year, we decided to go horseback riding. Neither of us have rode horses before, and I'm going to tell you right now watching somebody ride a horse and actually riding one are two totally different things. Everybody makes it look so easy peezy! So we met our trail guide and our horses, I had Buffy and Ryan had Tootsie. And soon enough we set off into the wilderness, except for the fact that Buffy was all about doing her own thing and was not a follower. So there goes the trail guide, tootsie and Ryan and I'm kicking like a mad woman trying to get this horse to go. It was like pulling teeth people. Finally she decided that it was time and I caught up. Once we got further away from the ranch she started to warm up to me, but goodness was this horse stubborn. A horse after my own heart...
As we got deeper into the trail we started trotting and I was for sure I was going to fly off and get trampled by my stubborn horse, but Ryan and I balanced pretty good and it was a blast. Such an adrenaline rush, and we both couldn't help imagining we were in Game of Thrones heading to Kings Landing.
We will definitely be back.

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We waddled back to our car, thinking we would probably never feel our thighs ever again. We decided it was time to get some grub. We visited Downtown Tampa and walked around a bit to get the feeling back in our legs. We came upon a little pizza shop and it was love at first sight. I pretty much fell in love with the dough I could have probably just ordered their dough and been a happy camper. Afterwords we walked around a bit stumbled upon a chocolatier and I got the richest truffle I've ever had, it was like a chocolate explosion in my mouth. We also adventured around a bit and discovered the biggest bowling pin in the world, and a bowling alley right smack dab in downtown. So we definitely have plans on coming back as soon as possible.
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So all in all it was a blast, just like every year because adventures with Ryan always are. I love adventuring through life with him and every year is always something new. And that's what I love the most about our relationship, we still know how to surprise each other even after four years. That, I know, will never change.

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