Friday, March 14, 2014

Picnics and New Beginnings

When Florida hands you a chilly but sunny day you say thank you very much and go on a picnic. Florida has actually been treating us with at least one chilly day a week the last few weeks. It's very odd because at this point I'm already melting into my shoes because the humidity is so god awful. I guess things could be way worse right? Like all the snow flurries going on all over the country, but I would be grateful to pile on clothes, instead of fighting a war with my wardrobe and finding something that won't make me turn into a pool of sweat. So anyway it was absolutely beautiful yesterday so Stephanie and I headed to Phillipee Park (one of my favorites) and broke out the picnic basket for some prime time picnicing. We grabbed some publix subs because why make your own picnic basket food when there is BOGO cheez-it's and goldfish that taste like breakfast?

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I just can't even get enough of her criss crossing her feet like this lately ^ like it's her new thing and I'm eating it up.
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We lounged under giant pine trees, blasted tegan and sara and soaked up probably one of the last chilly but sunny days Florida will offer us until December. It was a nice goodbye to winter and also a sweet welcoming hello to spring. So after our day at the park and getting beat up by the playground equipment with Lola we headed home and the boys (Ryan and Kyle) watched the honey while Stephanie and I spent the evening gathering plans for something that I'm truly excited to announce. We are going to do some testing with it and see how things go, but within the next few weeks Stephanie and I are going to be opening an Etsy shop selling everything crafty and beautiful, but our main focus for the shop is going to be handmade candles. I'll be discussing more of the details as the weeks go on, so keep a look out for links and such! The rest of this weekend is going to be jam packed so I probably will be taking a slight break from blogging up until next week-ish. So I hope you all have a lovely weekend and Happy Pi Day!

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