Monday, March 10, 2014

Thank you fleas

So we had to de-flea our house. I'm almost positive that bugs upon bugs are just attracted to us and maybe just like our living quarters. We have struggled so much with bugs in this apartment from german roaches, to annoying specks of ants, now fleas. We are clean people, trust me! We treated the cats like three months ago thinking to ourselves, well that was treatment and we are good to go. Little did we know it's a process a huge process especially when we have three cats that the fleas are taking joy rides on all throughout the day.
All the madness started last week when I started recognizing little red dots all over Lola's skin... I was horrified at first thinking it was chicken pox, but that's gonna be a different day I suppose because we realized it was flea bites. She doesn't seem bothered by it all, but mommy and daddy think otherwise. So while she stayed at my moms house on Sunday we spent the entire day of "relaxation" killing the little monsters and cleaning every last piece of fabric in our house. It was actually kind of nice because we did some much needed house cleansing. That means, discovering crumbs the size of Jupiter in our couch cushions and finding our spare car keys (finally) while vacuuming. That means, working our washer and dryer over time ALLLLL day long, but in the midst of it all making our house permanently smell like laundry which is a mega plus to me. That means, being "those" people that spring clean their house every year when we have never been those people, but now I kind of want to be one of those people if that makes any sense.
So fleas can suck, like suck really hard...but it turned out to be a successful day and I got brand new bed pillows out of it too! It also sped up the process of baby proofing our not so baby safe house.
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So thanks fleas, even though you are a total nuisance and you're making my cats go crazy, you brought a few positives in the mix. You gotta take the bad with the good I guess. I've learned that's the best thing you really can do in sticky situations. And the cats? Well the cats are finally not licking themselves dry every second of every day since our bug guy came. So I'm guessing that's a good sign. Lola is still the fleas favorite candidate, but her bites are healing slowly and she's still the happy camper that she is.
And me? I'm loving our freshly vacuumed furniture (goodbye to the galaxy of crumbs forming under the cushions). I'm loving that this pushed me to go through my plethora of clothes and de-clutter and finally pack away the maternity wear. I'm loving being a spring cleaner and I'm loving these bug journeys in our apartment because we are always up for a challenge especially a bug war...we ALWAYS win. So this is goodbye fleas, your stay has been long over due.
Sincerely, three scratchy kitties, a polka dotted baby, and two overwhelmed parents.

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