Friday, May 23, 2014

Year 22

Here's a huge shoutout to birthdays that fall on Monday. This year I got a birthday weekend, I'm talkin' Saturday-Monday people! All because my birthday fell on a plain jane Monday.
So here's 22 (in honor of yours truly) reasons why I'm giving two thumbs up to my birthday this year:

  1. Ryan decided to blow my mind and bring me to see Disney on Ice this year.
  2. This means, I got to be a four year old again and sing every song at the top of my lungs.
  3. Buzz Lightyear and Woody on ice....enough said.
  4. Meeting friends at Applebee's at the only appropriate time...after 10pm.
  5. The lovely creation of BOGO drinks and half price appetizers.
  6. Ryan decides to be a hero and steam clean all the carpet in our apartment.
  7. I get front rows seats to the madness.
  8. After our carpet is a wonderland, he rolls out the giant rug I've been swooning over at Home Depot.
  9. We lay on it together and make rug angels if those are really a thing.
  10. My family takes us out to Kobe for the second weekend in a row.
  11. I smother all my food in yummy yummy sauce because why not?
  12. Birthday cake for breakfast on your actual birthday should probably be a tradition everyone follows.
  13. My best friend, my Lola, and I take a trip to the Florida Aquarium.
  14. It's like the place was rented out for us because who actually goes to the aquarium on a Monday? WE DO.
  15. Lola was completely in love with just about everything and was excersizing this new pointing mechanism that she has learned recently.
  16. I took too many pictures for my own good. Scroll down.
  17. Ryan surprises me yet AGAIN with the kitchen aid pasta attachment that I could only dreamily stare online at until now. I was in total shock and I think I hugged him about a hundred times.
  18. A trip to a giant walmart garden center.
  19. Came home with a Roma tomato plant and a Bell Pepper plant WITH baby tomatoes and bell peppers! There's something about baby produce that makes me impulsive.
  20. My lovely parents took the little hunny for the night and Ryan made reservations for The Melting Pot.
  21. The melting pot was the best experience I've ever had as far as restaurants go. Dipping things in
  22. cheese and chocolate can always always be a thing for me. They also sent me home with chocolate covered strawberries for my birthday because the manager loved us so much. What gets better than that?

This year I can say I have a clear head and this year so far has been nothing shy of amazing and this birthday is just the beginning to many more to come. I think I've finally started accepting my own way of course. Things are changing and I actually like it.

 photo 9b7f12292d65f18d20401d67c11505bd_zpsd99fa6cf.jpg  photo 9efa3dad7abdd96155eeab44035ed860_zps45f44cce.jpg  photo 91c991e53b0938ffc25e396c8bb485ea_zpsaaa2c8c1.jpg  photo 9ab9559181af4c9bed98148ef188483e_zps1c29998f.jpg  photo 084b95b41c3fa152afcb78c7884d1e70_zpsc15150d2.jpg  photo 0b79665ec3a7a07c36b8e7f57db48902_zpse01db90e.jpg  photo 13ec5b9896096cd6c3f88c20e9008808_zps6fb62b4c.jpg  photo ec6cb3d1fde12ead78a04befdc367b87_zpsf4f5732f.jpg

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