Monday, July 28, 2014

The Fresh Market

You know what makes me giddy inside?
Organic markets.
We have one close by to our house that we go in once in a blue moon (prices are...yeesh.) So it's pretty much a treat to stop by in there and grab all the greatness that isn't found in a local grocery store. The greatness on this trip = raw organic hazelnuts. My ninja has been really handy lately and becoming a daily used tool. With Ryan and I both exploring the concept of eating healthier, it's becoming my best friend in the kitchen. So I'm bringing scratch made to another level. Step aside Nutella.
Walking into the Fresh Market makes me feel so humble and cozy. The lights are dim unlike the eye scorching fluorescents in most supermarkets and there is always so some sort of smell that lingers throughout the store that kind of entrances you. Maybe that's their motive to get you to splurge to the 
Well, I bypassed the lovely aromas and went straight for the nut bins. The nuts are all safely tucked away in their own little barrels with a silver scoop that tags along. I think that's one of my favorite things about The Fresh Market. The fact that little scoops and self serve centers are scattered throughout the store for coffee beans and candy and snacks.
I scoop my hazelnuts and weigh them. It's like 10 bucks for a bag and I'm sighing over the cart. Instead of doing the walk of shame to the register to purchase my overpriced nuts, I decide to peruse the market fully. Why not right?
The produce section was calling my name, so I ended up with a pair of the juiciest plums ever to enter my mouth. Then the walk of shame didn't seem so shameful. 
Oddly enough, no matter how much I spend at that place, it's always a necessity every few months to make my rounds and gawk at the gigantic apples and prices and still feel giddy about the rustic simplicity of it all.
 photo 6bcf40920b96dd13697d7d4996dc4cca_zps0d9a932a.jpg  photo 252533a6d04e921b863639e8962baed2_zps21056509.jpg  photo 77c99d05acc1147c2d375a3f72cbefae_zpsdd5463e7.jpg  photo aca2c949449366b1a6ec6a5b72381ed1_zpsf44d6546.jpg  photo 6c959d40d0e6f9cdd6ebc4b188d49e9f_zps34f2276a.jpg  photo 793f561120cb5b264401d7d1572501f7_zps7ad9a915.jpg
Oh and the scratch made Nutella? FANTASTIC. So much yum in one jar. A super easy recipe will be shared soon.


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