Monday, July 21, 2014

Patches of Nature

After buying our new car we were so antsy to take it anywhere and everywhere, so a few weeks ago we headed out in search of a new journey with Lola. It was a Sunday evening and the sun was melting into the clouds as the day was soon coming to an end. We found ourselves at The Florida Botanical Gardens. There is something about gardens in general that make me feel so alive. Maybe it's the unconscious feeling that all the surrounding plants are actually living and breathing just like us.
Maybe it's my forever dream to own a garden of my own, with paths of flowers and tomatoes and citrus trees. Anywho, this place was magical in it's own little way and made us feel like magic.
The place was so empty of people and the hustle of the city life surrounding it. We took our time.

 photo 87ebe1b3e9761089b462c88644d4bb7a_zpscf5eb10d.jpg  photo 3b365d053252b5f71d6451a8b4276f63_zpsce43e49f.jpg  photo 6386467bf1be83615b4b97bee0484a8a_zpsa603b0b1.jpg  photo 2ad508782f9fb61e334bfb476b5d140f_zpse249e0f4.jpg  photo 5ffa4ed52063e0b3b979644af735871a_zpsb16d685d.jpg  photo c130b49c64cd6c76be4388b147975973_zps80c660d2.jpg  photo 1c53a9ef665ac987e59bff4d0fba527c_zpsc8fe6142.jpg
We raised our heads to gaze at all the different banana trees and we traced each and every plant searching for the charms it held within. 
We pushed forward to the flowers, the trees and even the several ponds that were scattered about the Gardens. Lola adored being surrounded by so much nature and even being one with it while she sat upon carved out tree stumps made especially for little tushies. 
The sun was just about gone when we decided to leave this humble patch of nature and escape back into the real world. I think the next time we embark on the Botanical Gardens it will be with picnic basket in hand. 

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