Friday, August 29, 2014

A Fairytale Space

One of my favorite rooms in our apartment is Lola's. Actually it might be my all time favorite room. When we first moved in, we had an infestation of german roaches. It was freaky and my pregnant self got sent over the edge. I spent a good 2 weeks over at my moms house, afraid to step foot back into our new apartment.
We moved here a month before Lola was born, so I was itching to start the nesting process. Lola was going to have her own room and that excited the creative crazies going on in my head. Lola's room was a sanctuary of sorts. Mainly because during the extermination of the roaches, none creeped into her soon to be bedroom. Mother Nature was on my side, because Ryan and I were able to complete her bedroom before she arrived (little did we know, she wouldn't use the bedroom until she was 3 months old). New parents...

We sleep trained Lola the day she hit 3 months old, and she snuggled up in her crib and never thought twice about wanting to come back and sleep next to us. But even as the months went on, she had little interest with her bedroom. I suppose she was too little to really adventure in her very own space.

When I found out what I was having, after I bought an abundance of little girly clothes, I started brainstorming her bedroom layout. I've never really believed in "themes" for a room. I never liked the idea of it, so my house is sectioned by color scheme. I like being able to walk into each room and it be a different shade of the rainbow. So I started simple and became totally obsessed with the, "coral peach" color.
Every where I went I brought her color palette with me (garage sales, thrift stores, IKEA, Target, etc.) Pretty much everywhere, and I bought a mixture of pieces that sat in my old childhood bedroom until we moved into our bigger apartment.

And once we moved...I nested...


and nested some more.
 photo imagejpg2_zps17ac0e26.jpg  photo imagejpg3_zps1a1f9dc4.jpg  photo imagejpg1_zpsc91bb5dc.jpg  photo imagejpg4_zps535c1bf0.jpg  photo imagejpg6_zps3eb4aa3c.jpg  photo imagejpg5_zps3862981c.jpg
Each piece flowed wonderfully with the other, and it almost became this fairytale bedroom that I dreamt up. I even added some of my own personal touches (hand-sewn curtains and a dream catcher painting to hang above her crib).

Recently, Lola has a grown a fascination with her bedroom. I often catch her crawling in there, and she will play in there for hours, flipping through books or coloring. She's entering the exploring stage and it's so fun to peek around the corner and watch her discover this little space of her very own.  

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