Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lola: 1 year, 1 Month

So we made through the first year and I have to say it is at the very top of the list as one of my favorite years, it sits alongside my 8th grade year....sigh.
It was a challenge becoming a first time parent, but Lola made things as smooth as peanut butter. She slept through the night instantly and still do this very day sleeps 12 hours through. She loves ALL food groups, but subtract the banana. This makes meal times a breeze since she eats literally anything. Teething hasn't been AS bad as people describe it as and she still takes a 2 hour nap in the morning every day.

She has been our life saver as parents this last year. But we are moving on into the "toddler years," and all this bliss may soon come to an end when tantrums are a thing and her speed increases (aka walking...potentially baby jogs through the house).

Anywho, let's take a second to talk about Lola's 13th month.
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Dear Lola,

You are still crawling, but not any normal crawl...it's more of like a spider monkey escaping the zoo crawl. You get very set in your ways with things. You can balance and have walked on your own, but until the mood strikes you...crawling is the better form of transportation. You are totally weaned off of formula and your bottle. You drink whole milk like a champ twice a day and you are obsessed with water (thank goodness). You love your sippy cup, but are eager to learn to drink from an actually bottle of water, it might be your favorite source of entertainment. Speaking of favorites...oh my gosh you are obsessed with the movie: Frozen. You have it memorized and you dance different jigs to each song. You love music and everything about it. Any song can come on anywhere and you are bouncing and swaying in seconds, and sometimes you even like to sing along with your baby jibber jabber. Food is your friend, and you eat more veggies than mommy most days. You have a sophisticated palate (or...you just love to chow down). Mommy and Daddy bring you to the mall frequently to play in the kids zone and you adore it. We sit there for hours watching your connect with the other little ones, you just love other kids. We can't wait until you make some baby friends! You learned how to blow kisses recently and you still love to say "bah" when you are leaving anywhere. You have become very interested in books lately. We have a book shelf filled to the brim with your books and you literally will spend at least an hour of playtime, yanking each and everyone down and sorting through them. Then you move onto the bookcase in your bedroom. You get very quiet and concentrated and I love to just sit and watch you.
Lola, you're constant ability to make me smile is endless. These toddler years have just begun and I'm both scared and excited all at the same time. Who knew that could be possible, but it's all because of you.

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