Monday, April 7, 2014


Since Thursday things have been on the move. It's a wonder that I even remembered to breathe these last few days, luckily I remembered oxygen is an essential ingredient along side all the other tasks that are busting open my mind at the moment.
Thursday and Friday my kitchen consistently smelled of almost every fragrance you can think of, and probably some that you have no idea of. Not because I was cooking up something grand, but because Stephanie and I were in candle making mode and setting up shop, which is here by the way if you haven't swung by yet.
Saturday was a work day and Saturday night Stephanie and I had a girls night which is actually code for supply ordering, and click clacking away at our keyboards, setting up our candle listings and social media accounts. (also a sneaky trip to the Cheesecake Factory). I can officially say I am finally at peace with the setting up process, I have been pretty on edge with all that piled up  in my brain and now it's just time to promote promote promote, which I'm slightly okay with.
Sunday we opened shop, did a lot of friending (probably not a word, whatever) and more click clacking. Then we were off to the Renaissance Festival for a break from reality which was more than needed, I'll be posting about that later on this week when I have a moment.
Then it was home to scoop up the shoosh, plant lots of miss you kisses on her chunky cheeks, do some hardcore playing and ship her off to dreamland.
 photo 22c450b0a4130f5f2af2cc2b98f153f0_zps4293c10e.jpg  photo 242e0f3e7eda51647a3aec38d6a1eba3_zps0276a92d.jpg  photo 48fc73005fa283dacbd8da38b05d6e4b_zps8e57efb5.jpg So as far as Mondays go, I could hug them if they were huggable. I've come to realize that Mondays are mine and Lola's veg days. Where we kick up our feet with not a care in the world and repair ourselves from the days past. Lola tends to nap a little bit harder from her trips to Grandma's and Grandpa's and I always appreciate that so I can meal plan and do some reading or just do some recouping and kick myself back into Mommy mode. The house always seems a little bit quieter on Mondays too, like the house is snoozing away to. I can hear each step I take as the pads of my feet hit our wood floor. The house is still and that's the way I like it. So here's to Mondays, I know most of you would kick Monday's ass if you could, but for me it's the total opposite. I need Mondays and they need me.

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