Monday, April 28, 2014

Wake up Crawling

I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be just any ol' typical Monday morning. Lola usually sleeps in a little bit longer than the sunrise and they always seem a bit slow and easy going. Apparently she snuck onto my computer and read this post I did a few weeks back and decided to amp up our usual Monday rituals. I was dreaming of something Game of Thrones related (too much late night reading...nah not too much) and then suddenly my eyelids peeled open too slowly like an annoying band aide. In my right ear rang my human alarm clock (aka Lola's squeals and chants). This morning I swear she transformed into Godzilla. I shuffled into the kitchen and blindly started her breakfast and popped her door open to find her sitting up, dangling Maxine the bear over the side of her crib, poor Maxine had to feel the wrath of Godzilla Lola while I lay snug in bed. I scooped up the overly excited hunny out of her crib, fed her the feast of champions and that's when the fun began.
Lola is officially a mobile baby. I feel as though I've been preparing for this since the second she came into this world, but today I had to take a few steps back and recuperate. Prepared? No. She bonked her head numerous times today because she woke up with a new sense of bravery after being a scaredy cat for the first 10 months of her life. She yanked and threw anything she could get her hands on and was quite proud of it as well. I burnt a few toaster strudels in the process of keeping her out of certain things and my tortellini for lunch became a new fascination, before it was just "mom food." Every head bonk and every little thing she grabbed and tossed made my stomach drop to my toes. She no longer sat there in the only position she knew and played silently with her toys gathered around her...there were way cooler things to explore.
And that's exactly what she did, she explored and tomorrow will be a whole new adventure.

A whole new adventure. That's right the season of our lives is changing.
 photo 36ff7c61ae137328642e7220b7b47dc3_zps72769c4b.jpg
Needless to say, Ryan and I spent our afternoon at Home Depot learning the ins and out of baby proofing our house. We also did a huge mega house clean up and made it more baby accessible, but made sure to still make it adult friendly. I think that's extremely important in baby proofing and we decided that our kitchen will have a baby gate and be off guards to Lola when she is roaming the house. We also said no to a play pen since our apartment is well, an apartment and that would be a teeny bit impossible. In turn, we are using Lola's bedroom as her "safe haven," when we're doing dishes, putting groceries away etc. I also want to get her use to playing in her bedroom so that'll be good in the long run.  photo 846964af26fce626b2d1d6c3400a173f_zps55f955ac.jpg  photo 259f2610639d5ccf9603da1f670ef54d_zps75ba09f3.jpg  photo 635d86417ff0bcf1ada9ae47246b6526_zps7fb80255.jpg  photo 4cdef7a523524424015b46d1030bdd9e_zps95a999e8.jpg
We have found some of the pieces of the puzzle so far, but we've got a long way to go and who knows if we will ever finish it...but hey unfinished puzzles are way more fun. Once you think you got this parenting thing down to a science the world flips it all around and gives you burnt toaster strudels. But you know, I'm totally fine with burnt anything as long as I get to share the icing packet with my little hunny.

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